CA Governor Jerry Brown recently took action on two human resources related bills.  They include:

  1. Veto of expanded rights for domestic workers.
  2. Signing a bill that allows some illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license.

The first one is important as home health care workers are a fast growing part of the labor market, and not just inCalifornia.  It continues to exempt these jobs from certain sate labor laws, just as they are at the federal level.  This means that employers will be able to maintain labor costs with these jobs.  However, the aging of the baby-boomer generation continues to create demand for these jobs that exceeds the available labor pool.  At some point, employers will have to up the pay and benefits to attract more qualified applicants.

Regardless of the politics, the driver’s license bill will make illegal immigrants (and possibly their legal family members) more reliable employees as they will have more stable transportation options.

Several other business related vetos, such as on specific pension issues, had more to do with his ballot proposition for higher taxes than the bills themselves.  As always,Californiacan be an interesting place to do business.  Then again, we are the trend setters.