When two devices are installed with shareit, they get associated and connected automatically when they are in range. The good news about shareit latest version is that gigantic files can be transferred faster than the speed of Bluetooth transfer. Instead of Bluetooth, the shareit app can be used as it transfers files forty times faster than Bluetooth. There is enhanced security and privacy as the transferred files are stored to the devices directly and not in the cloud storage. iPad, iPhone, Android and Window users can download and use the shareit app without difficulty. Usage of the shareit is very handy as there is no need for wireless connectivity and also there is an accurate and quick connection for transfer. The user can also save time because the pairing of data isn’t required here. Pairing up of devices can be time-consuming and stressful as connection may fail at times and the same process is to be repeated again. Being a cross-platform app, there is a simple and easy transfer of files between computers and smartphones.

Downloading shareit app for PC/laptop

There are links available to the sites from which shareit app can be downloaded. Click on download and download the file where the downloading bar would have the shareit.exe file in your PC. The next step is to click on .exe file and follow the set up wizard, then click on run button. The next step would be to accept the terms and conditions of shareit and click on accept button. The installation would start and then presents that it is about to be completed where the ‘next’ button is to be clicked. Then the application runs in an automatic manner and the user needs to click on ‘finish’. This app is now ready to get linked with any Android mobile, blackberry or iOS device and file transfer can be enjoyed. The Download can be made successful with just a few clicks from many sites available.