Because We Have Always Done it That Way

Our economy is always changing and evolving.  Adults, regardless of age, can think of a product or service that we used 10 years ago that does not (or barely) exist any more.  When the companies that made the product go out of business it shows that they could not adjust to the changing marketplace.

What made me think of this was this article in the business section of the Los Angeles Times.  It’s about the electric car company, Tesla, and their decision to sell cars directly instead of through dealerships.  Basically, the auto dealers (who don’t even sell Tesla’s cars) are mad because they see Tesla’s approach as a threat to their business model.  History helps us predict what the final outcome of this will be.  Smart companies anticipate, or at least accept market changes and adjust accordingly.

HR providers need to also anticipate the future needs of clients and new technologies to deliver services more efficiently.  Running for help to preserve the status quo, like the car dealers are doing, is a short-term tactic, not a long-term strategy for survival.  When looking at present offerings, we always need to be looking at better ways to deliver them.  We also need to anticipate future valued services to be relevant.

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