360 Feedback
Our 360 Feedback programs are designed to evaluate the current managerial and leadership skill level of your key talent.  The process gathers input from peers, managers, customers, and direct reports.  Participants gain an understanding of their strengths and their development opportunities.  This feedback is accompanied by actionable steps on how they can improve,  With a list of over 30 competencies to choose from, we help our clients tailor the tool to fit the needs of each position from analysts to technicians and front-line supervisors to executives.

Aptitude Tests
Many jobs require problem solving and decision making skills. We use validated tests of abstract, numeric and verbal reasoning to measure these critical skills. They are useful predictors for any job (from the front line to the executive office) that requires judgment.

Assessment Centers
Our Assessment Centers (ACs) offer multiple exercises that evaluate an individual’s skills, abilities and personal characteristics in a variety of work-like situations. We use simulations and role plays to evaluate participants on a number of competencies. To get more detail on the exercises we offer, please click here.

Call Center Products
All About Performance has several programs geared specifically towards Call Centers. We have partnered with e-talk Corporation in the development and validation of JASS (Job Applicant Screening Simulator), an interactive test for call center representatives. JASS is a valid and reliable predictor of lower call handle times and higher customer satisfaction.

All About Performance has worked with Ulysses Learning to develop ServiceMentor™ and SalesMentor™. ServiceMentor™ is an interactive learning program that allows inbound customer service representatives to learn the critical skills needed to provide World Class Service. SalesMentor™ is an interactive learning program that allows inbound sales representatives to learn the critical skills that lead to more satisfied customer and increased sales.

Math Tests
Many jobs require math skills and knowledge. Some jobs require basic math skills (add, subtract, multiply and divide) while others require more complex ones (solving word problems and understanding payroll issues). We have a variety of valid math tests to meet your specific needs.

Performance Tests
These assessments are more oriented toward specific job knowledge rather than underlying competencies. We work closely with job experts to create realistic scenarios to test the candidates’ abilities to respond to a number of issues such as customer requests and complaints, mechanical difficulties, troubleshooting, presentations, and policy interpretation. As such, participants complete assignments and tasks very much as they would if they were awarded the position. Examples of performance tests include Field Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, Organization Development Consultants and Managers.

Structured Behavioral Interviews
These interviews are based on dimensions/competencies that are defined as necessary for successful job performance (e.g., analytical thinking, communication) and help the hiring manager stay focused on important job performance factors. We have designed interviews for all levels of the organization from administrative staff to technicians to department heads. In addition to writing the interviews, we can serve as an additional interviewer on your team and/or train your interviewers to make smart selection decisions and reduce your turnover. We also have a database of questions and rating anchors to assist in the interview development process.

Work Behavior Questionnaire
Based on widely accepted personality research, this instrument measures factors which are critical to managerial and sales success, such as Conscientiousness, Agreeableness and Openness to New Experiences.

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