Team And Meeting Facilitation

Team Facilitation

There are times when our clients need some extra support when it comes to facilitating meetings. The role of the facilitator is to manage the meeting process, not its content, so that the meeting is more productive. These activities allow all of the internal team members to participate fully without concern for recording the issues, directing the conversation, encouraging non-participative members, or resolving conflicts.

Whether you are brainstorming ideas to solve a problem, working on process flow issues, or creating a corporate strategy, an outside facilitator could be the answer to making progress in the shortest period of time.

There are also occasions when a neutral party can ask questions and make headway that would be difficult for an internal team leader or member to accomplish. In some cases there is a need for an objective outside perspective to the proceedings.

As companies continue to increase the level of employee participation, supervisors and team leaders are often called upon to assume a facilitator role without having the skills or training to do so. We also offer a training class that provides your team leaders with useful tools and techniques to serve as an internal facilitator.

Meeting Facilitation

Some clients also find that their meetings are not run effectively. Members are frustrated by people arriving late, carrying on side conversations, a lack of action items and results. Eventually, the meetings become a joke and a waste of precious time and resources. We can help you run effective meetings with a few simple rules and techniques.

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